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How to stop report collection but allow report viewing to continue in CA Dispatch


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


We need to stop collection of reports into CA Dispatch temporarily, but continue to allow users to display and print reports already collected into Dispatch...

- Is a good way to do this by stopping the CADZSAPx and CADZSPLx started tasks? 

- Is there a better way?

- Will this allow Webviewer to continue displaying the reports in the repository?

- How would we re-initiate report collection again?


Release : 11.7

Component : CA Dispatch


"Collection" of the report data is done by either the CADZSPLx tasks DYNAMIC INTERCEPT (pre-Jes) function AND/OR the CADZSAPx (SAPI) tasks post-Jes collection function.

- To prevent collection of data by the intercept function, yes, you can turn off the dynamic intercept function from the Dispatch VOPMI100 screen by tabbing down next to a task/class using the intercept and typing an 'I' next to that task. Tasks/classes that are using the intercept function are identifiable on the VOPMI100 as the tasks/classes that reflect a value of 'ON' in the status column.

- To prevent collection of data by the SAPI tasks, the answer is also yes, and the SAPI tasks can also be stopped via the VOPMI100 screen by tabbing down next the the SAPIRPI1,2,3, SAPIMSG and SAPIARCH tasks and typing an 'E' next to them.

- To turn the intercept back on for a task/class you would just type an 'I' next to it again and to restart a particular SAPI task you would just type an 'S' next to it.

- In order for your users to be able to see reports in online viewing, via the mainframe or via Web Viewer, the CADZSPLx task must be active. So, turning off the intercept and SAPI functions is really the only way to prevent data collection.

* The above being said, with the intercept and SAPI functions turned OFF, Dispatch will NOT be able to process and NEW report data nor will it be able to process any REPRINTed (From archive or from online viewing) data. So, you would not be able to have Dispatch PRINT any data if your CADZSPLx and VSGMU110 screen configurations are going to remain the SAME as they are now.

* It might be possible to RECONFIGURE the CADZSPLx and VSGMU110 processing options so that ONLY REPRINTED report data could be processed by Dispatch while still preventing any production data collection. In order to do this, you would need a dedicated "CLASS" and a designated RPIn TASK to use for reprints only.