CWWKS2911E during z/OSMF initialization
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CWWKS2911E during z/OSMF initialization


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Top Secret


During z/OSMF startup, the following error message can be seen multiple times for multiple EJBROLE resources:

[ERROR   ] CWWKS2911E: SAF Service RACROUTE_AUTH did not succeed because the resource profile IZUDFLT.IzuManagementFacilityTsoServices.izuUsers in class EJBROLE does not exist. SAF return code 0x00000004. RACF return code 0x00000004. RACF reason code 0x00

The resource is defined to Top Secret and PERMITed.


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


This occurs when Top Secret is in DORM MODE. It can be bypassed setting it to FAIL MODE or setting the involved FACILITY in FAIL MODE as the FACILITY MODE will override the GLOBAL MODE.