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When trying to mask Excel file with FDM we do not see the file as expected.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Hi Team,

We are not able to perform Excel file masking in CA FDM (Fast Data Masker) tool.
We have created a separate folder for dm.txt file, however, it is showing that the file does not exist.
We are using EXCEL FILE in DBMS option.

The file name we are trying to mask is Unmasked Circle K Census.csv

Could you please help us here to resolve the issue?



FDM 4.9.1

Component : Fast Data Masker


Excel file format names must end with .xlsx


A CSV file is not an excel formated file and why it is not showing up when you choose this option.
Though excel can open a CSV and make changes to it, a CSV file is not a native excel format.

To use FDM to mask this file you would need to open the CSV file in excel and then do a save AS to save as an excel workbook to then be able to use the excel masking function in FDM.

You can use FDM to mask a CSV file directly.
You would need to use the DBMS type of file and map the fields in the GUI Interface: