Using BCPii Version 2 EXECPARM=RESTAPI for OPS/MVS on z14
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Using BCPii Version 2 EXECPARM=RESTAPI for OPS/MVS on z14


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Is it possible to add the parm EXECPARM=RESTAPI to the OPSBCPII proc, even if still not  on z15, just to prepare OPSBCPII for the migration? Or will it generate issues on z14? May the BCPii v2 support already be activated? Is there a related OPS parameter to enable BCPii V2?


Release : 14.0

Component : OPS/MVS


The GA PTF LU03334 will allow to specify EXECPARM=RESTAPI in the OPSBCPII proc, regardless of the requirements needed to effectively start and exploit the new z/OS BCPii V2 REST interface .

This PTF prevents the OPSBCPII server from terminating when EXECPARM=RESTAPI is specified in the OPSBCPII PROC. This can occur under the following circumstances:

  • OPSBCPII is started on z14 hardware while EXECPARM=RESTAPI is specified.
  • OPSBCPII is started on z15 hardware without the required zOS, SE and HMC maintenance while EXECPARM=RESTAPI is specified.
  • There's a problem with the BCPATCM2 DD or the DD has not been added to the OPSBCPII PROC when EXECPARM=RESTAPI is specified.

This PTF will allow the OPSBCPII server to continue using the BCPII V1 interface as long as there are no errors related to the V1 initialization.

There is not an OPS parameter to enable support for V2. All the hardware and software upgrades to z/OS the HMC and SE must be applied.