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Tools to show differences between two separate L7 Gateway clusters


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CA API Gateway


We have a V10 production L7 Cluster in which we have applied a number of policy changes, imported new XML code as well as made cluster wide changes or added / removed internal users

We also have a V10 POC 2-node cluster that we know has not had all of the same changes applied to it and we really need to get it in sync with Prod. 

Can you advise whether you provide any tools that are capable of showing config differences between 2 separate L7 environments? 



Release : 10.0

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There is no tool to compare the difference between two gateway's.

What you could do is look at the ssg database and especially the policy and cluster_properties tables.

Each policy has a version number that is updated when you make a change. So by executing a command like:

select name,version from policy;

That will enable you to quickly find if you have the same version of the policy on both environment, and then focus on the ones where you see differences.

For cluster properties, you can use the following:

select propkey,propvalue from cluster_properties;

This at least give some insights in possible difference