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View - Message received: SARBCL02 User not authorized to access sysout


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We are running this SARBCH job after a View upgrade:

//XXXXXXXX JOB ...                    
//LOADRPT      EXEC PGM=SARBCH                                      
//SYSPRINT  DD SYSOUT=*                                             
//SYSIN     DD  *                                                   
/DBASE NAME=VIEW.SYSTEM1                                        
/LOAD GEN=5670 SEQ=1 ID='REPORT1-R01'              

This was not a new job.

Here is the end results:

10/20/2021 12:28:42                     CA View Output Archival and Viewing (14.0)                  
SARBCH                                    Batch Processing Utility - Control Card Listing           
/DBASE NAME=VIEW.SYSTEM1                                                                        
SARBCH05  Logon successful for USER1 to VIEW.SYSTEM1                                         
/LOAD GEN=5670 SEQ=1 ID='REPORT1-R01'                                              
SARBCL02  User not authorized to access sysout                                                      

We have a CHA1VIEW resource named "secid.SYSOUT, the user submitting this job has access to said resource.

Ran a RACF RACROUTE trace and saw nothing point to a resource class, profile, etc..

Any ideas?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The SARBCL02 message was generated as a result of having on View 14.0 PTF LU01858, which now enforces internal security rules on SARBCH.

Here is a link to the PTF: 

If you would like to bypass the internal security checking, you can set SARINIT FEATURE=19.

The client added FEATURE=19, and the error was no longer received.