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Latests Javelin 64bit patches are unstable and some have a bug regarding OracleManagedDataAccess library when running Bulk Copy


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We tried different version of Javelin 64bit patches and realized some are unstable and some have a bug regarding the OracleManagedDataAccess library.

We realized that starting at version 4.9.155 the Javelin application won't even launch and starting at version 4.9.159 we get an error when running the Bulk Copy(see log file in attachment)

We have attached the .sql file script for you guys to recreate tables and data so you can reproduce the issue.
We have also attached the .vwf file which has been generated from Subset and contains all the info for the Bulk Copy.

NOTE: You will have to generate your own encrypted password and server name for your database connexion(information that is held n the vwf file)


Release : 4.9.1

Component :


For all the 4.9.1 Javelin programs, you need the latest GTODAC.  I have uploaded it to case and you can find it on the patches page to.  Uninstall the old one. Install the new one.  Retest.