Move focal point to a different LPAR in a multisys configuration for Netmaster / SOLVE
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Move focal point to a different LPAR in a multisys configuration for Netmaster / SOLVE


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We currently have 1 sysplex with 9 LPARs all running Netmaster for TCP/IP in a multi-system configuration with 2 focal point regions and 7 subordinates. We want to take one of the existing focal point regions and make it a subordinate, and take one of the subordinate regions and make it a focal point, in other words move one of the focal point regions to a different LPAR.

What's the best way to do this? Unlink all the regions into stand-alone regions and then reestablish new links between everything? Attached is a screen shot of the Automation Services:Linked Regions panel showing our current config. We want to make the current NETM1 focal region into a subordinate and make the NETMA subordinate region into the new focal region while keeping NETM2 as an existing focal as well.


Release : 12.2, 11.9

Component :Netmaster Suite of products, SOLVE:Operations


The easiest way to make the change is as follows:

1. Unlink NETMA  and NETM1. 

2. Link NETM1 to NETM2 as a subordinate

3. Link NETMA to NETM2 as a focal.

Since the focal region NETM2 already contains the system images for NETMA and NETM1, there is no need to copy them prior to unlinking and relinking.  NETM1 and NETMA will have their system images overwritten with the same information they already had.  Simply unlinking and re-linking in the desired mode is sufficient.

NOTE: Two regions must be defined as FOCAL regions and be active prior to unlinking one FOCAL from the multisystem configuration.

Additional Information

For more details about how the link and sync process works, please see  KB article 123061.

NOTE:  If you receive error messages when attempting to link a region as focal, please ensure that PTF LU03379 is applied.