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Unable to add metric for Capacity Analytics


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We need to use the following metrics for Capacity Analytics:

SuperDomain|ABC-ue1|ClusterDeployment|Infrastructure Agent|Kubernetes|Namespaces|sedess-prs|Services|bbserver:Total Pods Involved

SuperDomain|ABC-ue1|ClusterDeployment|Infrastructure Agent|Kubernetes|Namespaces|sedess-prs|Services|bbbinstance:Total Pods Involved

But "Total Pods Involved" is not a metric that is available in OI Capacity Analytics configuration screen for the service.  Is there something we need to do to get them in there?  We do see them in the OI Monitoring Groups page.

We only want to use this metric for capacity analytics for one service, and not other Kuubernetes services.  Is there a way to do that?

We want a different threshold applied in the Capacity Analytics configuration for each of the two metrics above - is there a way to achieve that when both metrics have the same name?



Release : 20.2



For now there is a work around available that we can suggest to use to see capacity analytic projections for metrics those are not available in capacity analytics screen.

Please follow below steps:

1. Go to services Screen , click on edit the related service
2. Scroll down to see metrics, add name for the metrics and select the required metrics which is not available in capacity analytics
3. Go to dashboards and select Capacity Analytics /Capacity Analytics Projections by Service/Group and select the required service