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Audit Trail inaccurate with XOG updates


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Planned Operating Cost Audit Trail data is inaccurate when updated via XOG together with the Status Comment


1. In Studio > Objects > project object
2. Go to the Audit tab
3. Enable the Planned Operating Cost and Status Comment fields for Insert / Update and Delete
4. Create a project and check the Audit Trail
5. There is a record for both attributes as an Insert operation due to the project creation
6. Update the project via XOG with following xml:

<NikuDataBus xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../xsd/nikuxog_project.xsd"><Header action="write" externalSource="NIKU" objectType="project" version=""/><Projects> <Project name="TestXOG" plannedCostOperatingTotal="50" projectID="00000119" statusComment="TestingXOG5"/> </Projects></NikuDataBus>

7. The XOG file contains an update to both audited fields.
8. Check the project Audit Trail

Expected Results: Both fields update date to be correct in the Audit Trail. 

Actual Results: The Status Comment audit data is properly updated, but the Planned Operating Cost is inaccurate. It states it happened at the time the previous cost field update occurred. 


Clarity 15.9.X


This is caused by DE63061


This is fixed in 16.0.1

Additional Information

The updates done via XOG are:

Cost: 10 Comment: Testing XOG

Cost: 20 Comment: Testing XOG2

Cost: 30 Comment: Testing XOG3

Cost: 40 Comment: Testing XOG4

Cost: 50 Comment: Testing XOG5

See the dates for each update. The Planned Operating Cost update Date is not accurate