Bridge for Git Zowe CLI mapping create
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Bridge for Git Zowe CLI mapping create


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Using Endevor Bridge for Git CLI to create mapping and run into the following error:

zowe endevor-bridge-for-git mapping create --remote-url --endevor-instance ENDEVOR --endevor-environment XXXX --endevor-system XXXX --endevor-subsystem XXXX -t xxxxxxxx --endevor-profile XXXXX

Command Error:
Rest API failure with HTTP(S) status 404
Error Details:
HTTP(S) error status "404" received.
Review request details (resource, base path, credentials, payload) and ensure correctness.

Port:      8181
Base Path: rest/xxxx/vx
Resource:  git/repository/verify
Request:   PUT
Headers:   [{"Content-Type":"application/json"}]
Payload:   {
  mirrorRepoUrl: ''




Release : 18.1

Component : BRIDGE FOR GIT

endevor-for-zowe-cli plugin  5.7.3

endevor-bridge-for-git-for-zowe-cli plugin 1.2.0


Ensure that profiles are set up correctly for the respective types:

Endevor Bridge for Git profile:

  • has username from Git that uses the correct capitalization
  • has a token that the user actually creates in Bitbucket (rather than the token that is auto-generated by Bridge for its use). 

Endevor profile:

  • has correct basePath value 

For the command itself, ensure that parameters not specified in the Endevor profile are covered, included stage number (--endevorsn).

zowe endevor-bridge-for-git mapping create --remote-url --endevor-instance ENDEVOR --endevor-environment xxxx --endevor-system xx --endevor-subsystem xxx --endevorsn 1 --read-only --endevor-profile Xxxxxx