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CA Service Desk Manager


Dear Team,

We're getting the below error while editing the tickets. 


10/28 11:55:56.66 BPAPSDPWMV01   sqlagt:Audit_Log     8848 ERROR        sqlclass.c            1010 SQL Execute  failed: [Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10.0] [ SQL Code=3621 SQL State=01000] The statement has been terminated.; [Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10.0] [ SQL Code=2627 SQL State=23000] Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'XPKevent_log'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.event_log'. The duplicate key value is (0)

10/28 11:55:57.49 BPAPSDPWMV01   sqlagt:Default       3612 ERROR        sqlclass.c            1010 SQL Execute  failed: [Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10.0] Unspecified error


Release : 17.1

Component :


# pdm_sync_keys 
# pdm_key_refresh  
# Recycle services.