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Solaris OS unable to run FT Jobs U01002205 No length could be retrieved for message ID 'FF' at position '58'


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


On as Solaris 64 sparc, the Agent 12.2.9 HF2 is unable to execute File Transfer JOBs (JOBF)consistently. This is not depending from the what version the opposite agent or system is running.

Possible scenarios:

File transfer from Solaris ==> Windows : Jobs hangs in status "Transferring" (Impossible to Cancel) BUT the file(s) is(are=) transferred successfully - no report is generated!!

File transfer from Windows ==> Solaris : Jobs completed successfully (ENDED OK) BUT the file(s) is(are) NOT transferred even though the report indicates that it was transferred !!


Affected component : System Agent for Solaris 64 bit Sparc 12.2.9



This is bug detected Solaris Agent 12.2.9 HF2, but certainly already present in previous versions.


This bug is corrected in version 12.2.10 and in version 12.3.7 of the Unix Agent (both Service Packs are available). This problem does not exist in version 21.0.

Additional Information

Resolution summary:

Unix Agent on 64bit AIX (big endian) extracts false data length from userdata long (0xFF), because routine accesses 32 bit value with unsigned long which is 64 bit on this platform. This doesn't cause any issue on little endian and 32bit platforms. Some additional tracing was also introduced.