Object links are partially missing after the Migration to 12.3
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Object links are partially missing after the Migration to 12.3


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After the the Migration from 11.2 to V12.3.3 there are many objects with missing object links.

Normally, an object can be located in only one folder.
If one wants to have it in more folders (because it is used multiple times), then one has to create a link.
Since the time of the upgrade to V12.3, there are many objects with no links/not getting linked(similar to a hard link under Linux) ,which means that I can no longer delete a link e.g. from favourites. Instead, the entire object is deleted.

Steps to reproduce

1. Install an AE using one installer. Create one object in a folder, plus a link.
2. Run DBUnload - Select all tables, Export all data.
3. uc_data.txt is created, OFS entries at the end of file have correct OFS_Link info.
4. Create a new DB and run DDL command to create AE DB structure.
5. now load the uc_data.txt in DB.
6. adapt .ini file so that WPs/CPs use the 'new' DB
7. all OFS entries which have link=1 in uc_data.txt are created with OFS_Link=0 - wrong. 




Release : 12.3.3



This is a problem with the DB Unload utility.


This is accepted as a bug and will be fixed in a future release of the product