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Modern UX grid view on staffing not retaining values


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Clarity PPM SaaS


SUMMARY: Modern UX grid view on staffing not retaining values. This is inconsistent and seems to be a timing or performance issue when the application is saving values and returning values for viewing. The perception is that there is data loss when working quickly in the Staffing area. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Login to the Modern UX
  2. Open a Project and go to the Staffing module
  3. In the Grid View, for one of the Resources, enter a value for Totals under Allocation
  4. Tab or click to the next cell and enter a value - Do this quickly 

Expected Results: Updates to 2nd cell updated are retained. 

Actual Results:  Updates to 2nd cell may get overwritten. 



Release : 15.9.3

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability



Workaround: Work slow through the Allocations. 



Fixed in Release 16.0.0