Wrong date time calculation ServiceDesk 8.5 RU4
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Wrong date time calculation ServiceDesk 8.5 RU4


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On the ticket overview page, the resolution date won't calculate the user time zone and shows time of UTC 0.




Release: 8.5 and 8.6


Incorrect UTC values handling - Workflow (WF) mostly operates UTC times when it manages different events. Some pieces of code were trying to compare UTC values with NOW, thus causing processing delay for timezones left to Greenwich and processing speedup for timezones right to Greenwich .


A fix is being considered in a future RU of 8.6.

In the meantime, a pointfix is available for 8.5 RU4. See KB 198337 "Cumulative Post ITMS 8.5 RU4 Point Fixes" under "Time Zone Issues in Workflow 8.5 RU4" 


As well, it is necessary to do the following configuration changes if you see issues with the time while placing a ticket in HOLD:

Use case:
The "Review Task After Ticket Resolved" should calculate 3 days or 72 hours to close ticket on timeout. After some tests we found that all tickets are closing with 75 hours. The IncidentResolutionTimeoutInDays is set to 3 days.

To fix the problem  BY CONFIGURATION, do: 

1) Open SD.Forms.IncidentManagement project 

2) Locate "Hold Management" Model

3) Open "Convert Time by Time zones"  component 

4) Change selection from "Convert to Server Local Time" to "Convert to UTC Time"

5) Save the project and  Republish the entire project OR replace the following file:  Hold Management.model  

from the project's working dir into the IIS dir C:\Program Files\Symantec\Workflow\WorkflowDeploy\Release\SD.Forms.IncidentManagement

Make sure the original file is backed up.

6) Restart IIS  if in #5 they used a file copy resolution method.