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RICS grid refreshes with incorrect data when sorting on any attribute after opening the Flyout


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The grid is filtered with records for the project instead of both the project and custom investment.  Views are also lost. This impacts RICS (Risks, Issues, and Changes modules) in the Modern User Experience (UX). The below steps are using the Risk module.


  1. Create a project. Add Risks to this project
  2. Create a custom investment and add risks to this custom investment
  3. Create a copy of the Standard Hierarchy Blueprint.
    • Add the RIC and Status modules
    • Publish the Blueprint
  4. Create a hierarchy. Set the Blueprint to the above-created copy
  5. Import the created project and custom investment
  6. Click on the Risks Module
  7. Select a risk that belongs to the project
  8. Open the Flyout 
  9. Sort on Above Threshold
  10. Select a specific row
  11. Open the Flyout to edit the risk
  12. Click the column to sort

Expected Results: The grid results should sort on all the risks from the project and custom investment. It should use the GET on /risks and not on the specific project. 

Actual Results: The grid is filtered with risk records for the project. The views are also lost.


Release: Clarity 16.0

Component: Project Management


This is caused by DE63037 and fixed in 16.0.1 


The defect is fixed in 16.0.1 

Workaround till 16.0.1: Reload the page (navigate to another module and click on the Risks module again).