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Subtotal headers disappear when clicking refresh totals when in GroupBy mode


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Clicking the Refresh Totals button in the Group By mode, not all subtotals are returned; they disappear.


  1. In Studio, create some custom number fields on the Project object and set the default to 100
  2. Set Populate NULL values with default on the attribute definition 
  3. On the Projects Grid add custom number fields from step #1
  4. Set several project records where Work Status equals different values - Vary them between the below:
    • Requested
    • Active
    • On Hold
    • Cancelled
    • Complete
  5. Group By Work Status - you will see the subtotals for the custom number field
  6. Edit some values within a grouping
    Example: In the 'Requested' group, use the Fill Handle update for some of the records for the custom number field; You should see the 'Subtotals have Changed' banner 
  7. Click on the 'Refresh Totals' button on the banner 

Expected Results: All of the subtotals are updated and display. 

Actual Results: The subtotals for Requested gets updated, but the other subtotals are blank and the subtotal row is missing. 


This is caused by DE62811


Release: Clarity 16.0

Component: Usability


This issue is under review as DE62811


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