View - Setting database version
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View - Setting database version


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I am upgrading View and Deliver from v12.2 to v14.0. 

As per my knowledge, before submitting the job for setting database version from v12.2 to v14 or vice versa, the View SARSTC task should be down and users should not use SAR panels. In general terms no STC or TSO users should use/hold the View database while running SARDBASE VERSION on the database. 

As I noticed, I could see the Spool STC also using/holding View database extents.

1) May I know why the CA-Spool STC is using/holding SAR database?

2) If I want to VERSION the SAR database, should the Spool STC be shut down?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


There are 2 possible causes for Spool to be accessing a View database:

 . An automatic backup of the Spool files that can be set up 
 . Nodes defined with TCPDRIV=SAR

The things to look for in Spool, would be these in the ESFPARMs:


In both cases, as the View/Deliver databases are being "VERSIONed", it is suggested to shut down Spool, to avoid that it tries to create any files during the process. 

Here is Spool documentation on the matter:

 . Administrators can use the View interface to move files from Spool to View. 
 . You can transfer, back up, and archive files:

 . . Transfer processing means that the file is moved to View as soon as it is created in Spool. 
 . . The file is then purged from Spool.

 . . Backup processing means that the file is copied to View as soon as it has been created in Spool. 
 . . Normal print processing occurs in Spool.

 . . Archive processing means that the file is moved to View immediately before being purged from Spool. 
 . . Normal print processing occurs in Spool.

Here is the link in the Spool documentation:

This is a very old interface, though it is as recently as being in Spool 14.0, and not many Spool customers use it.