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Mismatch in bar widget colors when default display mapping is set to white


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When the color display mapping is set to use 'White' for the Default Bucket, it is using another color instead of white. 


  1. Log in to Clarity as a user with all rights
  2. In Classic, navigate to Administration, Studio: Object. Risk, Attributes
  3. Click on 'Category Type' and set the display mapping to use White for the Default Bucket
    • Do NOT set a specific color for 'Human Interface'
    • Set Flexibility = Brown
    • Set Funding = Blue
    • Set Implementation = Green
  4. Create a Bar Widget for the top 3 items on that field
  5. Create some Risks where there are the most rows for the Category Type = Human Interface
  6. View the Widget 


This is caused by DE61892


Release: Clarity 16.0

Component: Studio


After review, it was determined this issue will not be fixed. Instead, you can utilize the workaround below.

Workaround:  Set the default display mapping on the attribute to something other than white.