Deliver - Inquiry on bundles and loadlib
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Deliver - Inquiry on bundles and loadlib


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In an upgrade, before stopping the Deliver RMOSTC task, with "/F rmostc,OFF", do we need to make sure that the bundles are finished?

On the Active Bundle List panel, which column/field should I review to confirm that bundles are finished?

Is the CVDELOAD (load library) dataset, supplied with View/Deliver 14.0, a common and single dataset for both View and Deliver?

Is it a good practice to place this single dataset in the LINKLIST ahead of older load datasets?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


Before performing an upgrade to View/Deliver 14.0, you need to ensure that bundles are completed.

In the Active Bundle panel, look for all of the active bundles to no longer have a "Remaining Intvl Time" and to all have a "Status" of QUEUED. 

View/Deliver 14.0 share the same CVDELOAD load library. 

When both products have been upgraded, the single dataset would be in the linklist ahead of any CVDELOAD libraries from older View/Deliver instances.