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UIM - OC shows error 404 after installing 20.3.3 October Patch


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After deploying UIM 20.3.3 October monthly patch the Operator Console is no longer reachable.

The operator console URL displays:


HTTP Status 404 - Not Found
Type: Status Report
Message: JSP file [/standaolne_login.jsp] not found
Description: The origin server did not find a concurrent representation of the target resource or is now willing to disclose that one exists.




ump_operatorconsole patch not deployed correctly


Release : UIM 20.3.3

Component : ump_operatorconsole


1. Stop the OC wasp probe

2. deploy:

ump_operatorconsole (lateat version) to the OC server

ump (latest version) 

3. RDP to the OC server and clear the content of the wasp/work folder

4. Start the wasp and try again