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Error: PLS-00907: cannot load library unit PROTECT.UPGRADER_CENTRAL


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The upgrade of Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 15.5 MP2 to 15.8 fails on phase two of the migration.
Oracle Enterprise on a RAC.
Only one node of the RAC is up at this time.

Phase two failed on the compilation section.
When running the UpgradeSchema_Renames.sql manually it fails with this error:

PLS-00907: cannot load library unit PROTECT.UPGRADER_CENTRAL


Release : 15.5 to 15.8

Component : Upgrade migrator


Dev determined that we will need to run the cleanup.sql script before the migration.
The URT runs that script, but the migration does not.
The URT runs without errors, but the migration fails at the compilation step in phase two. 
After manually running that script, we were able to compile the packages using the compile_pkg.sql script.

Manually running the cleanup.sql against the protect schema drops all procedures, types, and packages that are exclusively used by the database schema upgrader.
Those procedures, types, and packages are recreated by the compile_pkg.sql script.  
This resolved the issue and now the compileAndExit.sql executes without any issues even if it is run multiple times.

Now the next time the migrator runs it will not hit any issues when it executes compileAndExit.sql allowing the remaining migrator steps to proceed.