SYSVIEW: DASDRESP doesn't display any data.
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SYSVIEW: DASDRESP doesn't display any data.


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Issuing the DASDRESP command, no data is displayed.

The MVSDATA task is active and MVSDATA-DEVICES runs every 15 minutes.


SYSVIEW 15.0 & 16.0 - z/OS supported releases - 



1. Run the SCHEDULE command and check if the MVS-DEVICES is inactive, if it is, activate it.

Then please wait until it had run at least once.  Then from the SCHEDULE command check the Count Column.

After checking the MVSDATA task from the ASADMIN command, it will show that the TASK had run.
GSVX334I MVSDATA-DEVICES  data collection 
Then issue the DASDRESP command and it will show data.  
The DASDRESP command displays response time information that has been collected by the MVS Data Collector.
Status is indicated based on exception checking performed during the last threshold interval.
Alert status is only displayed if the CURRENT interval is requested.                          
2. So next, set up a THRESHOLD for DEVUSED%.
Then ran the MVS-DEVICES schedule and the screen will be filled in.

3. Run the MONITOR command under SYSVIEW and check if the DEVICES are INCLUDED. 
If the DEVICES = EXCLUDED, change it to INCLUDED and there will be data on the DASDRESP command.