Data flag PECB-REQ-ACTION-ID-REC management in Endevor.
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Data flag PECB-REQ-ACTION-ID-REC management in Endevor.


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When requesting data in a Package Exit one of the data types available is requested by the flag:


1) To what field is this data transferred?
2) What is the format of the data that is returned.?


Release : All

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


When the exit 7 Cobol program requests action ID records by setting PECB-REQ-ACTION-ID-REC to 'Y', the exit program will be subsequently invoked n times, where n is the number of element actions defined in your package.
The exit program will get the data passed in the 5th parameter, which is mapped by PACKAGE-EXIT-ACTION-BLOCK.

Note that the action ID records exist only after the package is cast.

Additional Information

The field PECB-REQ-ACTION-ID-REC description is available from copybook located in CSIQOPTN(PKGXBLKS)

For further information, see doc:

- Using Package Exit Control Blocks
- Requests for Data
- Package Exit Control Block (PACKAGE-EXIT-BLOCK Field Descriptions)