Upgrade Datacom/AD 15.1 S1909 using the Service Update S2101 pax file
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Upgrade Datacom/AD 15.1 S1909 using the Service Update S2101 pax file


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Currently running Datacom/AD 15.1  S1909 and planning to upgrade to the most current PTF recommended CARS level.

Can I upgrade from from Datacom/AD 15.1 S1909 to CARS2101 using the 15.1 Service Update S2101 pax file?



Release : 15.1

Component : Datacom/AD


The Datacom/AD 15.1 Service Update S2101 is an installation pax file at the CARS2101 level. 
It's cannot be used to apply maintenance to an existing DATACOM/AD 15.1 SMP/E environment.

It can only be used to perform a new install of Datacom/AD 15.1 in a new SMP/E CSI.

The are 2 options to apply maintenance to an exiting MUF environment to bring it up to level CARS2101 or later:

  1. Download all available PTFs since your last maintenance update, either from the portal or using SMP/E RECEIVE ORDER. Then apply the maintenance to your existing CSI. Take note of any HOLDDATA actions that need to be performed.

  2. This is not a recommended method but you can use the S2101 pax file to apply maintenance an existing MUF by creating a new SMP/E CSI environment.
    Follow this procedure:
    • Download the S2101 pax file.
    • Run the SMP/E RECEIVE, APPLY and ACCEPT into a new SMP/E CSI environment.
    • Download and apply any PTFs after CARS2101. Note that the S2101 pax file already includes additional critical PTFs above CARS2101.
    • Obtain all the HOLDDATA for PTFs that were not previously applied on your system. The HOLDDATA is not in the pax file so you would need to download all the PTFs since your last maintenance update to get all the HOLDDATA. There maybe be some HOLD actions which need to be performed against your existing datadictionary or modules that need to be re-assembled or reloaded. New MUF startup options are also documented in the HOLDDATA actions.  Depending on how far behind you were on maintenance there may not be many HOLDDATA actions to be performed. If this is the case this method can be used to upgrade to Service Update S2101.
    • There is no need to build a new MUF or run any additional installation or customization jobs because the pax file is just being used to get the latest maintenance for an existing MUF.
    • Replace the your existing runtime load libraries in all JCL with the new S2101 SMP/E target libraries.

Additional Information

See Datacom/AD 15.1 S2101 Service Update Now Available and Readme for CA Datacom/AD 15.1