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Top Secret error TSS7221W from CAS9 after Datacom upgrade


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Datacom Datacom/AD Datacom/DB


Today I upgraded Datacom from v15 to v15.1. With this upgrade I had to update CARIMPRM and then I ran CAS9 again. CAS9 issued these security errors: 

TSS7221W Dataset Not Accessible - LIB3.CA.DATACOM.R15SP1.TEST.CAAXLOAD

What caused the error, and how do I fix it? 


Component : CA Datacom/AD

Component : CA Datacom/DB


The Top Secret error (TSS7221W) indicates that the user for the CAS9 processing is in WARN mode and this CAS9 user is not authorized to Read this loadlib: LIB3.CA.DATACOM.R15SP1.TEST.CAAXLOAD

Please check to be sure the CAS9 user is explicitly defined in the ACL for this loadlib and grant the appropriate access.

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.