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Task report not fully transferred before next task in WF executed


Article ID: 227035


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


The job completion stage (report transfer or writing to database) is executed in parallel with next task in WF.  Is this as designed?


Current set up of the job plan : 

Task 1 is SQL job that pulls down some data with select query. Stores the output into a file ( example file name - OEBZNYLT.TXT ). 

Task 2 is a File Transfer ( with Erase Source File option enabled ) 'moves' the file from current host to destination host. 

Here both the object has 'Generate at runtime' option selected. 

What is happening : 

The SQL job gets completed. Status is ENDED_OK in workflow. The report file is being attempted to load into AE DB. 

At the same time the next task in the job plan ( a file transfer ) gets started and moves the file from SQL output host directory to another host. 

Now the process that loads the output as job report gets abend for following : 

REPORT([Agent out directory]/OEBZOGYP.TXT,1259219639) (RunID: 1259219678)

Status : FAULT_OTHER - Start impossible. Other error.

Last message  - U00029005 Report '[Agent out directory]/OEBZOGYP.TXT' was not found. 


Release : 12.3

Component :


It is expected that if there is some sort of slowdown in the report transferring, the second task that transfers the job report will behave as seen.  For this setup:

WF Start -> WF task 1 (JOB) -> WF task 2 (JOBF) -> WF End

What's really happening is:

WF Start
     -> WF task 1 (JOB) start and end
         -> WF task 1 report transfer to db - if this is slow, then at same time:
        -> WF task 2 start and end
             -> WF End

So if there's a slowdown with the task 1 report being put into db, the JOBF will move the file before the Report is transferred to the db and the Report will end with Status : FAULT_OTHER - Start impossible. Other error.

A way around this could be to put a :wait 15 (or more seconds if needed) into the process tab of the second task before anything else runs