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Synchronize Agile Central Job Failure on only one Project


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Clarity PPM SaaS


The fact that Broadcom’s interface stops dead when it encounters an error seems to be a not optimal design. Wouldn’t a better design simply bypass initiatives that throw errors and continue on with the rest of the initiatives? 2 nights ago only 99 Clarity project/Rally initiative pairs were updated. Last night it was 233. When the interface died on #100 two nights ago, it skipped 133 other potential candidates. Surely there must be a better way!


Release : 15.9.3



Regarding the Clarity Rally integration unfortunately this is by design, if there is a problem with one project it will terminate the entire batch.

Currently the new interface Clarity Connections - Rally Integrations in the Modern UX addresses this concern the interface stops dead when it encounters an error. The new interface is designed that if there is problem with one project it will not terminate the entire batch but will proceed with other projects and log details about the problem or issue.

The new integration was beta in Clarity 15.9.2 and in 15.9.3 it went live. Please note with SSO environment we have a bug and now it's fixed in Clarity 16.0, for more information on this see Import Integration Mappings Job error for SSO enabled environment.