Modern UX Login Message functionality
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Modern UX Login Message functionality


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Clarity PPM SaaS


We are testing out the Clarity login message functionality. The message only appears if someone go to their avatar in the upper right of the application and selects "LOG OUT". It does not appear if someone closes their web browser or the tab Clarity was in. We are a Clarity SaaS customer using GCP SSO. Is this a bug or by design?

Custom Login Message in an SSO Environment
STR requires admin rights to configure Login Message via Specify Login Message

1) Log in to Modern UI in GCP SSO Environment
2) Notice message when log into Clarity
3) Close Clarity via clicking (X) on browser tab (do not select Profile > Logout)
Login as the Clarity admin and make update/change login message
4) Wait until Clarity session timeout occurs
5) Log in Modern again with same SSO user from step 1

Expected results: When a change is made for the login, the login feature expects user to log out and login back to see the new message

Actual Results: User does not get the new login message.



Release : 15.9.3+


  • This feature is geared for the Modern UI, and by design users should click the MUX log out button to get a new message when they login back.
  • Login message should get displayed upon fresh login or after their Clarity session times out (for these scenarios the user gets new unique Clarity SessionID).
  • For users who forget to select logout, they see the new message as long as after the Clarity session timeout is hit (logout time is defined in Clarity > System Options).
  • The behavior is different based on users going from Classic to Modern vs. Prod users who are exclusively in Modern. The design of the Login Message feature is for the Modern UI.

Additional Information

New feature added in Clarity 15.9.2 - Support for Custom Login Message in an SSO Environment