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Having to download the jnlp file every time we open iXp when using Chrome


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CA Workload Automation iXP


When using Chrome, when opening iXp, it always asks to download the jnlp file.  

Even after saving it.. and associating it to the java launcher, and telling it to always use it..   then next time you launch iXp, it asks you to download the file.  

Is there anyway to have it launch using Chrome and use the jnlp file that is downloaded..?


Release : 11.4



1. Chrome has deemed jnlp files to be unsecure. 
At this time (10/2021) there does not appear to be a way to force Chrome to override this setting or trust jnlp files.  
Oracle Support indicated same in Doc ID 2554278.1
2. Other browsers are usable. 
We do not mention specific limitations/certifications of browsers in iXp doc. 
Below URL lists various differences (URL is to outside 3rd party)
3. Here is a URL which covers some options for other Browsers and manual startup. 
I like the manual method "put jnlp file on desktop and double-click-it" as it bypasses the webpage/download completely. 
You can have a jnlp file icon on desktop for InstanceA and InstanceB as well.