Can search default of 100 pages be changed? If so, how?
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Can search default of 100 pages be changed? If so, how?


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On large listings, (like 5210 pages), I have to hit PF9 a possible 53 times, which is rather slow and tedious, and also almost instantaneous on our new CPU!  It'd be helpful to bump that 100 page default up x10 to a 1000 or so.  I suspect there may be a way to do that, but I haven't been able to find it. 



Release : 3.2

Component : CA-Deliver Output Management for VSE


The Deliver for VSE documentation can be found here.

Page 4-36 of the System Guide shows the default is 100.

4-36 Systems Guide 
Setting Search Limit for Browse

You use CA-Deliver's Security Administration panel to set the number of pages that
CA-Deliver reads at a time when it performs a search during browse.
Setting a browse limit prevents any one user from tying up the online interface
partition with a long search.
To set the search limit for browsing, follow these steps:

Step Action
1 Access the Security Administration panel by selecting option S (List/edit user
security) from the CA-Deliver. In the Userid field, specify a user ID. (It does not
matter which user ID you specify, as the search limit change will affect the entire
system; however, you must make the change from within a particular user ID.)

2 Enter PAGESCAN nnnnn on the command line. For nnnnn, specify a number
from 1 to 99,999 (the system default is 10,000). This is the number of pages that a
user in the system can search at one time when issuing a search command from
within browse.

If, while browsing a report, a user issues a search, CA-Deliver searches through
nnnnn pages of the report. If the search term is not found after nnnnn pages,
CA-Deliver temporarily interrupts the search and presents the following message:
Not found through page nnnnn, press PF9 to search further
The user may then press PF9 to search through another nnnnn pages, or take any
other action to discontinue the search.