LAE0409I LAE0032E LAL@BLDX Veloci-Raptor (VR) turned on
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LAE0409I LAE0032E LAL@BLDX Veloci-Raptor (VR) turned on


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Log Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


Unable to generate a DML report using the Log Analyzer for Db2 for z/OS (PLA) and receiving the below error with Veloci-Raptor (VR) turned on;

LAE0409I LOB or XML data requires processing in flight Units of Recovery
         at the start of the log processing range.                      
         Forcing RESOLVUR = (BOTH)                                      
LAE0282I SORT package detected: SYNCSORT                                
LAE0313I Beginning log pre-read to determine inflight URs.              
LAE0314I Log pre-read completed normally.                               
LAE0297I Beginning Log Extract processing.                              
LAE0287I Log Analyzer Virtual Storage Summary:                          
         Region Size Requested               0K                         
         Region Below Available          8,844K                         
         Region Below Contiguous         8,836K                         
         Region Below Upper Limit       10,216K                         
         Region Above Available      1,615,408K                         
         Region Above Contiguous     1,613,208K                         
         Region Above Upper Limit    1,630,208K

         Region Size Requested               0K                         
         Region Below Available          5,008K  

 LAE0032E LAL@BLDX terminated with return/abend code: 16 
RETCODE =    16                                          
CONTROL PROCESS CARD:                                    
BATCH PROCESSOR PLAN ===> RBPAxxxx                       
BATCH PROCESSOR ID   ===> (NONE)                         
STRATEGY NAME        ===> (NONE)                         
DEVICE ALLOCATION UNIT => SYSDA                       


Based upon the failure, Log Analyzer is not compatible with Veloci-Raptor (VR). 
Once VR is turn off, Log Analyzer completes successfully.