LAE0409I LAE0032E LAL@BLDX Veloci-Raptor (VR) turned on
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LAE0409I LAE0032E [email protected] Veloci-Raptor (VR) turned on


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Log Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


Unable to generate a DML report using the CA log analyzer and receiving the below error with Veloci-Raptor (VR) turned on;

Log Analyzer fails with: 
LAE0409I LOB or XML data requires processing in flight Units of Recovery
         at the start of the log processing range.                      
         Forcing RESOLVUR = (BOTH)                                      
LAE0282I SORT package detected: SYNCSORT                                
LAE0313I Beginning log pre-read to determine inflight URs.              
LAE0314I Log pre-read completed normally.                               
LAE0297I Beginning Log Extract processing.                              
LAE0287I Log Analyzer Virtual Storage Summary:                          
         [email protected]                                                        
         Region Size Requested               0K                         
         Region Below Available          8,844K                         
         Region Below Contiguous         8,836K                         
         Region Below Upper Limit       10,216K                         
         Region Above Available      1,615,408K                         
         Region Above Contiguous     1,613,208K                         
         Region Above Upper Limit    1,630,208K

         [email protected]                                                       
         Region Size Requested               0K                         
         Region Below Available          5,008K  

 LAE0032E [email protected] terminated with return/abend code: 16 
RETCODE =    16                                          
CONTROL PROCESS CARD:                                    
BATCH PROCESSOR PLAN ===> RBPAPLAN                       
BATCH PROCESSOR ID   ===> (NONE)                         
STRATEGY NAME        ===> (NONE)                         
DEVICE ALLOCATION UNIT => SYSDA                          


Release : 20.0

Component : CA Log Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


Based upon the failure, Log Analyzer is not compatible with Veloci-Raptor (VR). 
Once VR is turn off, Log Analyzer completes successfully