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Downloading maintenance for CA Disk Backup and Restore


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Best methods to download the available maintenance for CA Disk Backup and Restore



Release : All

Component : CA Disk Backup and Restore



  1. If the Chorus Software Manager is being used, then the latest maintenance can be automatically downloaded from our portal itself selecting CA Disk Backup and Restore.
  2.  Below SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval can be used that is documented at the link below in our Portal:

Configure SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval

      C. Below steps can be followed to get the PTFs manually from the Portal:

  1. Mainframe Software -> Product Download -> select Disk Backup and Restore
  2. When in the selected screen, choose the  'Solution Download' hyperlink located next to 'Product Download'
  3. Select CA Disk Backup and Restore for z/Os MVS 12.5 or the correct release as per your product. It should look as shown in the below screen shot: 

Ca Disk Backup and Restore 12.5


In this screen :

  1. In the search window type CA Disk Backup and Restore to select only the PTFs related to CA Disk Backup and Restore component
  2. Press enter to get all the CA Disk Backup and Restore 12.5 GA PTFS from the BASE pax 0000 up to now and then press the 'ADD ALL TO CART' button and they will be all added to CART . If the information of the latest update is known then the date filter can be used to get the list of the remaining PTF  that can be added to cart by using the 'ADD ALL TO CART'  button.
  3. Go in CART and do the CHECKOUT and the package will be created which can then be downloaded.
  4. At the end all the PTFS for the product from the BASE separated in packages (each package related to a product component) will be available in the CART.