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Staffing Smart Periods show wrong periods when fiscal periods are missing


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Staffing Smart Periods do not work correctly if Fiscal Periods do not exist for the current period/year. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Set up active Weekly Fiscal Periods for the year 2017 only
  2. Go to the new Staffing module
  3. Click on View Options and set the following:
    • For Per-Period Metrics, select one or more per period metrics values (IE Allocation)
    • Periods = Weeks
    • Start Period = Current Period
    • End Period = End of Current Year

Expected Results: Toast error message: “Fiscal periods of the requested period type for the plan duration do not exist” is displayed as you see in modules such as Assignments

Actual Results: No error message is displayed, and the periods for 2017 display (which is not expected for the period selected if the year is 2021)


This issue happens if active fiscal periods do not exist for the current period / year. Caused by DE63059.


Release: Clarity 16.0.

Component: Staffing / Resource Management


This issue is under review as DE63059. If you are expecting periods to be seen, create and activate fiscal periods for the current year.

Additional Information

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