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The spectroserver is out of default event codes


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CA Spectrum


When trying to map a trap using MIB Tools, the next message is received.



One possible explanation is that custom events are not in sync between all the landscapes. This is explained in

SpectroSERVER is out of default event codes

Another possibility is that there are gaps in the custom event codes. If that's the case, unused event codes can be manually selected.


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Alarm & Event Management


1. Open the Event Configuration
2. Sort the list of events by code and search for a gap. For instance in the below example, we found 2256 events in between 0xffff3730 and 0xffff4000 (You can use to calculate this)

3. In MIB Tools, enter the starting event code, which for the example above is 0xffff3731