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DEVTEST - Serialize/Deserialize JSON data using Apache Avro Schema in Kafka


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Service Virtualization


How do you link a Schema with a Topic in Kafka ?       is this supported?


We have the "Apache Avro" Serializer/Deserializer class to handle the Apache Avro Schema (i.e. CorporateDelegatePasswordReset.avsc) under the experimental category for Producer/Consumer Assets.


Please review the attached documentation: 

1: This feature is available under the "Experimental" category:

2: To make this feature available we need to enable the below flag in

#Enabled to use the experimental Avro serializer with Kafka


 3: After enabling the above flag some of the other experimental features are also getting enabled for DevTest users. 

For Ex: Multi Recieve and Multi Send steps for Apache Kafka, JMS Messaging, IBM MQ Native, RabbitMQ get enabled.

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