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TSS PERMIT gets DATASET NOT FOUND error for Datacom External Security


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Datacom Datacom/AD Datacom/DB


After making changes to my security for the Datacom MUF, I receive a MULTI-USER ERROR 1076 at startup.

I reviewed my security changes and see some good results, and some other errors:

TSS PER(ALL) DTSYSTEM(CA7DCM$.DBDC*) ACCESS(NONE)  - dataset not found     
TSS PER(ALL) DTSYSTEM(CA7DCM$) ACCESS(NONE) - dataset not found             
TSS PER(MUFCA7$) DTSYSTEM(CA7DCM$.XCF) ACCESS(ALL)   - dataset not found  

Why do I have these errors with the dataset not found?


The base definition for the CA7DCM$ DTSYSTEM resource was not defined, so the default resource of a dataset was used.


Component : CA Datacom/AD

Component : CA Datacom/DB


In this situation, the security commands were part of a set used to implement Datacom External Security in support of the CA 7 product. 

Issuing this command: TSS WHOOWNS DTSYSTEM(*) produced a list of resources, and we could see that CA7DCM$ was not present in that list, and therefore was not defined to TSS.

The correction needed here is to issue this command: TSS ADD(deptxxx) DTSYSTEM(CA7DCM$.) to define the owner for the resource. Once the resource is defined, the PERMIT commands should work without a problem.

In this situation with CA 7, we provide the template of the various commands to be used in the CA 7 PDS with a low-level qualifier and member CAL2OPTN(AL2TSSD). The first commands in that member are:

TSS ADD(deptxxx) DCTABLE(CA7DCMT)                                   
TSS ADD(deptxxx) DTADMIN(CA7DCMT)                                   
TSS ADD(deptxxx) DTSYSTEM(CA7DCMT)                                  
TSS ADD(deptxxx) DTSYSTEM(ACTIVATE)                                 
TSS ADD(deptxxx) DTUTIL(CA7DCMT)                   

In addition to running the earlier TSS ADD command, the recommendation is to issue the TSS WHOOWNS command against each of these other resources to be sure that they have been defined correctly.

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.