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Adoptium JDK and JRE 11.x for Symantec Siteminder Components


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Symantec Siteminder Policy Server and Access Gateway are supported on Adoptium (p.k.a AdoptOpenJDK) 11.x as of r12.8.6.  In Adoptium 11.x the JDK and the JRE are shipped as separate packages, however BOTH must be installed on the Siteminder host running r12.8.6.


As of Adoptium 11, the JDK and the JRE are split out into two bundles.


Release : r12.8.6

Component : Symantec Siteminder Policy Server, Access Gateway, and SDK.


1) Using a web browser, go to ""

2) Set the "Temurin 11 (LTS)" radio button

3) Select "Other Platforms"

4) Select the version you want, then go to the section appropriate for your OS. 

*** NOTE: Both the JDK and JRE must be the x64 version)

5) Download both the JDK and the JRE. 

*** NOTE: The JDK and JRE must be the same version

6) Install the JDK

7) Install the JRE

During installation of the Siteminder component, you will point the Siteminder installer at the path to the JRE.


WINDOWS: C:\Program Files\Eclipse Foundation\jre-\

LINUX: <Install_Dir>/Eclipse Foundation/jre-

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