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Target of Users shows 0 resources when the filter has the correct number of resources


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Client Management Suite


This is an 8.5 RU4 Hierarchy. Targets, Policies, and Tasks have been created on the Parent SMP. However, we can see the same when we manually try the steps directly on 2 of his Child SMP servers. The other 2 works just fine.

The customer is having issues trying to use a User target for some of his Managed Software Delivery policies. He wants that a specific VBScript task runs on computers where specific Users from a security group are the primary User.


  1. The customer is importing Users from a Security Group with a User AD Import.
  2. The customer has a Managed Software Delivery (MSD) policy that runs a VBScript task.
  3. This MSD is using a User target.
    Start with: User
    THEN: Exclude Users not in FILTER "CN=desired security groups filter - Users to Machines" 
  4. When the target is created, it shows multiple users under the "users currently matching rules" portion of the target as he is expecting.
  5. When he assigns this recently created Target to his MSD policy, when he tries to save it, he gets this message:

"139 resources are automatically excluded and not shown in the policy because they are not capable of running one or more tasks selected in the policy (see Altiris log for details about the tasks names). The policy will not be delivered to those resources. Consider removing the tasks that are causing this limitation. 
The policy was saved successfully, but was disabled due to the warnings that were encountered."




8.5 RU4+


It seem that somehow, there might be an entry in the database, that defines filter for this vbscript type item.
exec spLoadItemFilter 'de2893dc-e9d6-4551-9b9d-2a8fca5513fa'
ps. by default, we don't install any filters for this entity 


Our Development team provided a script to remove the section below from the VBScript script type (also affected other script types).

-<filterCollections><filterCollection guid="e3a71b08-1612-44a6-9f71-7d359d5475b4"/></filterCollections>


Additional Information

Contact Support for the file needed to resolve this issue.


script-type-clear-filters_1635180831854.cs get_app