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JCLCheck REST API - Error CAY6Z17 in job AJ6ZJCKD.


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JCLCheck Workload Automation


During JCLCHECK REST API setup, executing the check dataset API generate the following error: 

  "messages": [
      "messageType": "ERROR",
      "messageNumber": "CAY6Z17",
      "messageContent": "Pipe communication failure. RC=51. Details follow:\nFail:  caz1zjni:1028 Failed to spawn child = './lib/caz1zsvr'. errno = 129. Reason: EDC5129I No such file or directory.\n\nMessages also sent to job's SYSPRINT.",
      "messageKey": "com.broadcom.jclcheck.JclCheckCommException",
      "messageParameters": [
        "Fail:  caz1zjni:1028 Failed to spawn child = './lib/caz1zsvr'. errno = 129. Reason: EDC5129I No such file or directory.\n"
      "messageInstanceId": "22353f14-fc19-4533-afa8-6fc537abc178",
      "messageComponent": "com.broadcom.jclcheck.api.v1.handler.JCLCheckControllerExceptionHandler",
      "messageSource": ""




The issue is caused by running a version of job AJ6ZJCKD not in sync with the product maintenance deployed. The maintenance applied introduced enhancements to JCLCheck, including modifications to job AJ6ZJCKD. After applying the maintenance, the new source of AJ6ZJCKD wasn't deployed to runtime libraries and the old version of the job was being run.

PTF SO11500 is an example of the enhancements that introduced modification to job AJ6ZJCKD.


Component: JCLCHECK

Release: 12.0


Review and run the job AJ6ZJCKD and make sure that all required folders and files were created correctly. These are the folders and files created by job AJ6ZJCKD:

SH mkdir -p "${USSDIR}/config" &&                     
cp -B "//'${SRCPFX}.CAZ2DATV(AJ6ZRYML)'"              
  "${USSDIR}/config/jclcheck-samp.yml" &&             
mkdir -p "${USSDIR}/lib" &&                           
cp -B "//'${SRCPFX}.CAZ2DATV(CAZ1ZSVR)'"              
  "${USSDIR}/lib/caz1zsvr" &&                         
cp -B "//'${SRCPFX}.CAZ2DATV(CAZ1ZJAR)'"              
  "${USSDIR}/lib/jclcheck-service.jar" &&             
cp -B "//'${SRCPFX}.CAZ2DATV(CAZ1ZJSO)'"              
  "${USSDIR}/lib/" &&                   
cp -B "//'${SRCPFX}.CAZ2DATV(CAZ1ZCSO)'"              
  "${USSDIR}/lib/" &&         
chmod 755 "${USSDIR}/lib/caz1zsvr" &&                 
chmod 644 "${USSDIR}/lib/jclcheck-service.jar" &&     
chmod 755 "${USSDIR}/lib/" && 
chmod 755 "${USSDIR}/lib/" &&           
extattr +ap -s "${USSDIR}/lib/caz1zsvr" &&            
extattr +p  "${USSDIR}/lib/" &&         
extattr +p  "${USSDIR}/lib/"  

The JCLCheck load library also needs to have Program Control granted on the system. Otherwise the application will fail with security errors.




Additional Information

For more information regarding job AJ6ZJCKD, please read the Configure and Deploy the JCLCheck REST API.

For more information regarding the Program Control, please read the Manage JCLCheck Program Control.