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Infrastructure Agent DataPower extension clarification needed on monitored groups


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


The datapower extension has a property which has the following default value

introscope.agent.datapower.profiles.default.monitored.groups=Static,System Specific,Domain Specific,WebServices

The metrics reported however seem to imply that this may not be the complete story

The 4 items flagged with the green arrow logically correspond to what is in the property

The items in the red boxes (XMLManagement, HTTPTransactions, Load Balancer, Message Monitors) seem to contradict this setting - if they are implied because of the selection of Domain Specific - why does WebServices need to be specifically selected as it reports at the same level?

The result of these selections is not clearly documented



Release : SAAS

Component :


Domain Specific and WebServices are defined as separate groups because WebServices can create a large number of metrics. 


The groups are independent so if only WebServices is added to monitored groups then only web services related metrics under domain as Domain-Specific|%domainname|WebServices are shown, the remaining Domain Specific metric branches will not be shown