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Transfer Agents from one execution server to another


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


We have to transfer over 500+ agents from 3 windows execution servers to 2 linux servers. 

Selecting agent in UI and assigning to a different execution server is not working. 

Is there a process or a command we can run to move agents over?

What is the best way to do this?


Release : 6.7

Component :


Assigning the agent to a different execution server (via the Administration -> Agent Management) should work. 
Note: In order for you to change the NES of multiple agents, a "Modify ES" button will appear after selecting more than one agent. 


Alternatively, you can write a process to change the execution server settings on agent. Once you've completed this change you can use the "Restart Agent" feature via the Administration -> Agent Management page. Do not use the "Restart Agent" action as it may result in the process becoming hung. There is an application + process attached to an existing KB Article (Nolio Agents Unreachable After 6.7.0.b398). The process is used to update the nimi_config.xml file (same file that needs to be updated to change the execution server an agent reports to). You can use this process to see how to query/modify a xml file if you're new to this type of task.