VSM deployed with new JKS and it is not using the same for handshake
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VSM deployed with new JKS and it is not using the same for handshake


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Service Virtualization


In a VS, JKS file information is updated in VSM-->HTTP Listep step with new keystore but it is returning the old certificate information when validated in SoapUI. For example, the SoapUI-->Response-->SSL tab shows the old certificate details as below.

PeerPrincipal: CN=ds-oldkey-dev.Testpress.com, OU=Global Network Technology - Network API Platform, O="Testpress, Inc", L=Newjersy, ST=NJ, C=US
Peer Certificate 1:



Release :10.x

Component : Service Virtualization


Caching on VSE server caused the issue.


Cleaning of the Virtual Service Environment and restarting the VSE server should resolve the issue.

Can do the below on VSE server:
. Remove the VS from VSE which is causing the issue.
. Stop the VSE
. Cleanup the VSE logs in lisatmp_10.x.0\lads lisatmp_10.x.0\amq folders and vse log files. Take a backup if needed.
. Delete the VSname.mar.tracking folders in Devtest_Home/vseDeploy/VSE_2013 folder.  NOTE_ VSE is the name of your VSE server and 2013 is the port VSE is running. Make sure leave all the VSname.mar files. To be more cautious, you can take a backup of the Devtest_Home/vseDeploy/VSE_2013 folder.
. Delete the file proDb.mv.db from Devtest_Home folder.
. Start the VSE.
. Deploy the VS.
. Close the SOAPUI and clear the cache and launch it.