Endevor Batch job receiving U4093 when trying to generate with COBOL 6
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Endevor Batch job receiving U4093 when trying to generate with COBOL 6


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Testing processor changes for COBOL 6 on one of the LPARS.   A user reported getting a U4093 that when generating an element in batch.  Added a REGION parameter to the compile steps in the processor but still get the same U4093 error.

What JCL is getting submitted so that the parameter can be changed?


Release : 18.0  18.1

Component : Endevor Software Change Manager


Changing the REGION parm in a processor has no effect because the REGION parm is not a supported processor EXEC parm.

        See EXEC Statement Parameters in the Endevor TechDoc 


To resolve a 4093 error for batch executions:

1)   Increase the REGION parm in the batch SCL dialog skeletons C1SB3000, for the ISPF interface, and ENDES000, for QuickEdit,  in the CSIQSENU library from -

                      REGION=4096K         to       REGION=200M


2)  When submitting the batch job from Endevor, users need to remove or change the REGION parm in the JOB card before submitting the job.

In the Endevor ISPF interface, it is at the bottom of the Batch Options Menu panel (C1SB0000) -  

                         Job Statement Information:                         
===> //ZTAZZ01  JOB (432100099),REGION=4096K,CLASS=A     


In the Endevor Quick Edit (QE) interface, it is on the  Quick Edit Batch Submit panel (ENDIE700) -

                         ENDIE700 ------------------ Quick Edit Batch Submit ---------------
Command ===> ______________________________________________________
Complete the JCL JOB card and press ENTER to submit the jobstream.
Enter the END command to terminate the submit.                  


Additional Information

Per IBM REGION Override doc, the REGION specified on the JOB card overrides the REGION specified on the EXEC statement:


A JOB statement REGION parameter applies to all steps of the job and overrides any EXEC statement REGION parameters.

When no REGION parameter is on the JOB statement, the system uses an EXEC statement REGION parameter, but only during the job step. Code EXEC statement REGION parameters when you want to specify a different region size for each job step.