Updating the RMF realtime.
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Updating the RMF realtime.


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TLMS Tape Management


I want to add a routine to the RMF retention table. Can it be done when TLMS is active or does TLMS have to be down?

The CATRMFE procedure has a DISP of OLD on the RMF file.



Release : 12.6 / 14.0

Component :


You can have the RMF in CTS startup if you are using real-time retention. Simply check the running STC of CTS and see if the RMF is there.

If not, the RMF is only used during the running of CATTRS. This is the daily scratch and movement report. You can update the RMF at any time except during the running of CATTRS.

If the RMF is being used within the CTS task, change the DISP to SHR in the CATRMFE proc and perform your updates. Recycle the CTS task to pick up the new RMF updates.