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What is the failure rate for drives in NetApp E5600 series storage?


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Security Analytics


The NetApp E5600 series storage arrays used by Security Analytics uses Seagate ST6000NM0104 drives.  Over time the drives will fail, which is why they have a 5-year warranty with NetApp.  Although this article addresses the NetApp storage hardware, most Seagate drives will have similar failure rates over time.





In Section 3.4 of Seagate's data sheet for these drives, the Annualized Failure Rate (AFR) is .44%.  

Many different things can contribute to failures.  There are several reasons for this including temperature, duty cycles, rotational vibration, etc.  Unlike SSDs, data rate does not affect hard drive failures as they are electro-mechanical systems and normal wear and tear contributed by these mentioned factors will contribute to failures.

If you have any drive failures, contact technical support for assistance.  

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