DX AXA On Premise Management Scripts
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DX AXA On Premise Management Scripts


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CA App Experience Analytics


Next Generation DX App Experience Analytics (AXA) On-Premise (20.2 and newer) is based on Kubernetes microservices technology. 

Broadcom recognizes that this is a clear departure from the previous version of AXA 17.3.x which only required basic UNIX administration skills to operate and maintain from an AXA system administrator perspective.  Broadcom is providing the following fully supported operational management scripts for use by the AXA system administrator to perform typical operational tasks on the AXA environment.


  • Scripts should be executed from the Kubernetes Master Server or from any Linux system with the kubectl / oc command line tools which has been authenticated to the target Kubernetes cluster. 
    • The default Kubernetes client used in the scripts is kubectl, this can be changed in the preamble of each script by modifying the “executable" variable.
  • Scripts reference the following UNIX command line tools: curl, awk, sed
  • Default namespace for AXA is “dxi




Restart/Kill all instances (replicas) of one or more AXA microservices


Restart is done by scaling the deployments down, waiting for replicas to terminate and then scaling the deployments up again however, you can use the "--kill-pods" argument which will change the way the restart is carried out: pods are just forcefully killed, and the orchestrator recreates them automatically.


restart-all-replicas.sh (-n namespace)(-s deployment) (-k) [options…]


Complete list of available arguments:


Optional Parameters:


-n=...|--namespace=...  namespace (default: dxi)

-s=...|--set=....       deployments set (default: default)

-k|--kill-pods          delete pods instead scaling deployment down and up

Multiple options from the following list:


-d=...|--deployment=... deployment specified by name see names below…

--dxc                   DXC (deployment axaservices-dxc)

--decryptor             AXA Decryptor (deployment axaservices-decryptor)

--transformer           AXA Transformer (deployment axaservices-transformer)

--user-processor        AXA User Processor (deployment axaservices-axa-user-processor)

--indexer               AXA Indexer (deployment axaservices-indexer)

--kibana-indexer        AXA Kibana Indexer (deployment axaservices-kibana-indexer)

--aggregator            AXA Aggregator (deployment axaservices-axa-ng-aggregator)

--dlq-processor         AXA DLQ Processor (deployment axaservices-axa-dlq-processor)

--crash-handler         AXA Crash Handler (deployment axaservices-crashhandler)

--readserver            AXA Readserver (deployment axaservices-readserver)

--scheduler             AXA Scheduler (deployment axaservices-scheduler)

--ba-routing            BA Routing Service (deployment axaservices-ba-routing-service)

--url-normalizer        URL Normalizer (deployment bpaservices-urlnormalization)

--diviner-capture       BPA Diviner - Capture (deployment bpa-diviner-capture)

--diviner-discovery     BPA Diviner - Discovery (deployment bpa-diviner-discovery)

--bpa-configserver      BPA AdminUI Configserver (deployment bpa-adminui-configserver)

--help                  show help


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