How To Track Audit Trail Attribute Changes
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How To Track Audit Trail Attribute Changes


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Clarity PPM On Premise


The global right(Audit Trail - Access) provides resources the ability to select the operations of insert,deletion, and changes of object attributes/fields


The results of the following query can be reviewed to find out who made changes and when:

order by object_code, last_updated_date desc;

Additional Information

  • When object attributes are added for auditing, an update is made to the ODF_AUDITED_ATTRIBUTES table.
  • When object attributes are removed for auditing, an update is not made.
  • Audited attributes (current or previously audited) will persist in the users view on the Idea: Audit Trail page in the UI.

To remove rows from the Audit Trail page or purge the audit data from the database you can enter a specific number of days

  1. Go to Clarity >Object > Purge Audit Trail > Days (check with the business since purging will be decision that drives the use of the Purge Audit Trail feature)
  2. Run the Clarity job called Purge Audit Trail