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Need Option to publish to JSON in Web Portal


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We need the option to generate JSON files to be also available in TDM WEB Portal. Currently this option is only by Datamaker.

Ideally, the same options that exist in the Datamaker were also available in the Portal.


TDM Portal Options:


Datamaker Options:






Working by design.


Release : 4.9.1

Component : Web Portal - Publishing


In the TDM Web Portal it is a two-step process - Publish then Export to generate the JSON file(s).  You will not see JSON in the dropdown because the Shredder is required, so there is no direct publish.

Please follow these steps in order to Publish to JSON in the TDM Web Portal:

How to prepare XSD, XML, WSDL, JSON, RR Pair File Types